How to build

ScriptRunner uses Ant in a very normal fashion, except perhaps that at least version 1.7.1 is required. The targets are:

TargetDepends onPurpose
build compileBuild ScriptRunner jar
clean Clean up after build
The compiled classes and other files that will end up in the jar are assembled in a directory, build, created by build and deleted by clean. The jar file itself is created in lib.
compile Compile core source
dist test, docsGenerate the release
distcleancleanClean up after creating release
distsrc distGenerate source code release
Distributions, with or without source, are assembled in a directory, ScriptRunner-N.M, created by dist or distsrc and deleted by distclean.
docs javadocsGenerate docs
javadocs Generate javadocs for core classes
 These are synonymous. The javadocs are created in docs/javadocs and are deleted by distclean.
test testbuildRun ScriptRunner unit tests
testbuildclean, buildBuild ScriptRunner unit tests
 The unit test classes and required files are created in or copied to the build directory. The test target re-creates the build directory and runs all tests. The test output goes into build too.