How to run a script

The basics are obvious:
sr ProjectX.xml
However, there are plenty of variations. The shell script sr setups the environment and runs
This takes arguments
[-c cxns.xml] [-Dname=value] [-Llevel] [--document | --run=N | --validate] run.xml

The command syntax is only part of the story, however. The crucial decision is the choice of how the audt trail will be persisted, that is of the ExecutionContext implementation and instance.
For database implementations, a connection with dataSourceName="srAudit" must be defined.
For the file context, the property sruns should be defined to be the parent directory of the sruns directory. If omitted, the current working directory is assumed.

The run progress can be viewed during the run. For a database-backed ExecutionContext, select from the appropriate view (Oracle: sr_progress; Postgres: sr.run_progress). For the FileExecutionContext, use the shell script lssr.